The fourth edition of the 2003 Fed Cup hit it's final where it was between Great Britain and Belgium
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Road to the FinalEdit

Road to the Final
Great Britain Belgium
R1: def. USA 3-2 R1: def. Mexico 3-2
SF: def. Canada 3-2 SF: def. Germany 3-2

Before matchEdit

Before the match Larisa Ferrer annouced her retirement on the 20th November saying "It's time to retire" as she said in the press conference that she had done all everything that can do for tennis with the only thing missing was the Olympic Gold. Her last tourmant victory was the 2003 FWTT YEC Championships.


Great Britain Belgium
  1. Larisa Ferrer
  2. Monica Gambill
  3. Paula Masterton
  4. Rosie Ribbons
  1. Brenda Van Haak
  2. Tiffani Eggert
  3. Anne-Laure Vandelion

The MatchEdit

Rubber GBR player vs BEL player Score
1 Larisa Ferrer def. Tiffani Eggert 1-6 6-3 7-5
2 Monica Gambill lost to Brenda Vaa Haak 6-3 6-7 3-6
3 Larisa Ferrer def Brenda Vaa Haak 7-5 7-6
4 Monica Gambill lost to Tiffani Eggert 6-4 5-7 6-8
5 Monica Gambill
Paula Masterton
lost to Anne-Laure Vandelion
Brenda Vaa Haak
7-5 6-7 7-9

After MatchEdit

After Brenda Vaa Haak and Anne-Laure Vandelion took home the last point it was all hell celbalation with Belgium taking home their first of 3 titles that they won in 4 years with the only one being the USA before the exhibition tournaments that tooked place.

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